Tin (mood_killer) wrote in add_me_veg,

sup veggies

hello, my name is Quinn
im a 20 year old straightedge vegan
this picture pretty much sums up my life

i started a livejournal account to keep up with the lolita fashion communities. (if you dont know what lolita is you should check out the EGL community on livejournal)
ive only been vegan for 2 years, vegetarian for 4 years before that
im not the super healthy veggie vegan some people are
i eat a lot of junk food and have been struggling with anemia for a while

i like art of all kinds, tons of books, a billion different movies, crazy recipies, traveling and lots of other stuff
im sure we'll have something in common, and even if we dont, thats interesting too :)

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