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add me veg! [entries|friends|calendar]
The Add Me Community for Vegetarians/Vegans

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[14 Oct 2011|10:22pm]

Name: Kaitie
Age: 20
Gender: female
Languages: English & French
Religion: Agnostic theist. I've always been the type of person to look for something bigger, I just haven't found it yet.
Political Affiliation: Far left. I consider myself to myself to be an outspoken feminist. I am a bisexual woman, therefore I very strongly support lgbt rights. I'm pro-choice. I'm a vegan. Anti-animal testing. Pro animal rights. 
Veggie Status: Lacto-ovo-vegetarian for one year, vegan for three months and counting. 
Relationship Status: In a relationship with a very handsome vegetarian, straight-edge boy <3
Books: Cohen, Vonnegut, Nabokov, feminist literature, lgbt non-fiction, psychology, comic books and graphic novels
Television: The only reason I own a television is to play Super Nintendo.
Movies: Horror, Comedy, Documentary
Music: Punk Rock, Hardcore, Folk
Other Interests: Psychology, Sociology, Anthropology, reading, writing, playing music, body modification, cooking, baking, old video games, painting
About my journal: My journal is just about my day to day life. I also like to share music I enjoy. It's still fairly new so it doesn't have a lot of depth at the moment but I'm sure eventually you will start to see my politics and personal writings sprouting into the mix :)

Add me if you feel we would get along!
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[14 Oct 2011|07:43pm]

Hi all
I am from Kiev, Ukraine.
Who want to add as your friend. I'm keeping a diary in Russian. I know English, and German.
I write about everything that interested. Most writing about football, biathlon and other sports. Just about Ukraine, and travel.

Add Me ohrimka89
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New friends? [15 Aug 2011|11:23am]

Name / Nickname: I have several nicknames, but my real name is Camilla.
Gender: Female
Location: Sweden
Occupation: Student (I'm also part-owner of a very tiny and at the moment not very successful publishing firm/media company)
Languages: Swedish, English (actively) I understand a few others, but don't feel confident enough to communicate in them.
Religion: Not religious
Political affiliation: Not very political either, if you mean party politics. Leaning towards the Greens, the Feminists and would love to see an Animal Rights Party here in Sweden
Veggie status: (Are you vegetarian/vegan/interested omnivore,how long have you been veggie?) I'm vegan and have been for several years now.
Relationship status?: Sadly single...  :/
Looking for: (Type of friends/journals you are interested in friending) Are there any writing, book-loving, fannish, animal-loving vegans out there?
Books: fantasy, mysteries, historic novels, non-fiction (mainly all kinds of history)
Television: I love older series from the late 1990's and older especially sf and cop series, but also Veronica Mars, Heroes, Dr Who, Downton Abbey, From Lark Rise to Candleford, Sherlock.
Movies: LOTR, Narnia - many others, especially historic ones
Music: Old music. :) Again from the late 1990's and earlier.)
Fandoms: See above, but also my very favorite Robin of Sherwood, Hornblower, Star Trek TNG, Voyager, DS9, X files and many others
Other interests: writing original and fan fiction (though at the moment I'm suffering from terrible writer's block), animals (dogs, cats and well, pretty much all kinds really)
About my journal: (Tell us a bit about what we’ll find in your journal, how often you update, etc) It's about my life and what I'm interested in, and at least earlier, some reviews, hopefully there will be more of that later
I’d also like to say: (Anything else you want to tell us about yourself, your lifestyle, personality, etc) Like I said above, I'd like to get to know more veg friends, preferably ones who are into writing, fandom, books... I have so few veg friends (and in real life only one, my sister) and most of them are not into the same things I am. I love them, but it would be great to have more. :) I'm shy, introverted, have a tendency to get depressed, but I try not to let that show too much in my blogging.

crossposted to addmeveg
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Looking for new friends [16 Sep 2010|11:53am]

I'm looking for more lj friends.

About me:
I'm 33.
Politically I'm anti-authoritarian I suppose.
Music I like a lot: Vollmar, Beat Happening, Sonic Youth, and Belle and Sebastian.
Movies: Amelie, Rushmore, the Royal Tenenbaums, Harold and Maude, Bend it Like Beckham, Hocus Pocus.
Some of my interests, technical theatre, I have a degree in it that I got recently and looking to get work in that but at the moment I'm volunteering at a theatre and working a full time job somewhere else. I like reading books, mostly non-fiction, and I like riding my bike. Not sure what else I'm into, there isn't a lot to do around here but those few things.
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what's in a name? [05 Jul 2010|07:00pm]

This is my life:
--21 years old, college student studying English and Theater Studies in Chicago.
--Vegetarian for over a year, though I eat fish and seafood from time to time so technically I'm a pescetarian. On this note, I'm pretty strict about eating healthy, natural foods--I won't touch anything processed.
--I do some acting when I can find the work, and it's my intention to turn that work into my career upon graduation.
--I have a part-time job that doesn't suck! But it's very boring, so you will probably never read about it.
--I'm currently shacking up with my boyfriend in his studio (read: built for only one person--our situation gets interesting sometimes) apartment until I leave for England in the winter; I don't have my own place at the moment, so I'm effectively homeless!

This is me:
--liberal atheist, and beyond that, I don't care to go into politics.
--slave to perfection
--artistically minded, creatively driven
--loves to misbehave; loves it less when that "misbehavin'" turns into "regretin'"
--a reader and a writer, for sure.
--restless; I yearn for a nomadic existence; I can't stand living in one place for very long as long as there's unexplored territory out there (and there always is, no?).
--an appreciator of all things French (the language, the lifestyle, the geographical country...*le sigh* so beautiful).
--a huge dreamer

You should know:

--I've struggled with an eating disorder in the past, so my entries will occasionally reflect this (in what I must admit can sometimes be an all too unflattering manner). I want to be able to write about whatever I need to write about in my journal, and adding friends from the non-eating disordered community on lj is a bit like digging my heart out of my chest and serving it on a silver platter because I don't always know how I'm going to be received. So if you think this could make you uncomfortable for whatever reason, please, just don't add me. Having a friends list that constantly whines about its eating issues is not healthy for me, so I try to branch out. But nor can I tolerate those who cannot intelligently deal with the content they may find in my journal.

--That said, I'm looking for friends! We don't have to have anything in common, as long as we both feel we'd be compatible. :) I do however like to add people that I know will stick around. I'm not looking for responses to all my entries every day, but it's difficult to care about and stay interested in friends who are never around to post in their own journals.
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[04 Jul 2010|03:37am]

Hi, my name is Candi. I'm 22 years old. Soon to be 23 on the 13th of July. I'm a vegetarian who is trying to go vegan. Mainly for the animals, but also for my health. I suffer from low blood pressure, obsessive compulsive disorder, and post-traumatic stress disorder. I am half white and half Native American and no, my great-great-great-great-great-great-grandmother was not a Cherokee princess. It is direct and the Native family is still alive. Although, sadly, I grew up away from that culture and am trying to relearn. I did grow up in a culturally diverse childhood, just sadly not surrounded by my own. Trying to regain my languages so that my children can speak them fluently. I am extremely political and pro-lgbt, pro-immigrant, pro-all languages, pro-animal rights, anti-animal testing, pro-equal rights, pro-adoption (and will consider this in the future). I do not celebrate Thanksgiving and refer to it as "Thankstaking" instead. I have a lot of "emotional baggage" and do tend to write about it. I hate apathy. I hate celebrity news (with the exception of when someone does something good for charity or if someone passes, I'm not that cold. I just don't care who is dating who this week). I don't like fashion. Much. I do like Japanese street fashion and find it pretty colorful. I LOVE learning about other cultures.

Add me if:
*You want to teach me about your culture.
*You're vegan or vegetarian.
*You're an activist for LGBT, immigrant rights, or animal rights.
*You live in Texas and think we could get along.
*You suffer from the disorders I have. Maybe we could help each other get through it, together. <3
*You are a unique butterfly!snowflake.

Don't add me if:
*You're homophobic, racist, etc. (Why would you? I'm biracial and bisexual, in the first place.)
*You do a lot of drugs, party a lot or drink a lot. I do none of these things and we would not get along. Partying once in awhile and writing about it, I can handle, but people who are daily "clubbin'" isn't my thing. I like the types that read books, love life, and their idea of a party is renting a movie on a Friday night.


Hellos Hellos [20 Feb 2010|05:57am]

Name: lilithbytes
Age: 28
Location: Perth, Weatern Australia
Veg for: 4 years
Interests: soccer, journalism, reading, doctor who, gardening, vegies, queer rights, diaries. Hiking, bike riding, twitter, tumblr, rabbits, free hand, cooking.

 Introductions...My journal isn't always about being veg*n, sometimes it is, because being vegan is a part of my life. I live in Perth, Western Australia and I blog about the daily tribulations of being queer, a university student and vegan, which probably results in some emotional polarities.

I'm hoping to find a community or peeps that understand that being vegetarian is kind of necessary in a lot of ways if you want to be serious about things like animal rights and even environmentalism. Although Id love any conjecture on this, I want to learn as much as people want to teach me. I've been vegan for at least three years and vegetarian before that.

Other than that I like Doctor Who, Heroes, Stargate, House, etc. And I write for a city wide publication and various other university magazines. My major is Japanese and I'm kind of a twit as well.


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Whoa hey [25 Jan 2010|01:40pm]

Name: Bailey.
Age: Will be 18 in about two weeks.
Veg for: Six years. (Ovo-lacto. Very supportive of veganism, but it's not for me. I buy my dairy from local farms, though.) 
Location: North Texas.
Hobbies: Reading, writing, teaching, SPCA, linguistics, Japanese, cooking, baking, sewing, volunteer work, acting, stage makeup. 
Interests: Foreign film, books, theatre, art, satire, Monty Python, speech/audiology, language. 

Hi, guys! I had an LJ years ago, and yesterday I decided to make a new one on a whim. Besides day-to-day life as I prepare to ship off to college for my teaching certificate, (and lord knows what else) my journal will be all over the place. I love to cook and write, so I might post recipes, short stories, etc. I am a nondenominational Christian, and I love to study different religions from around the world. A recent fixation of mine has been cults- I've all but cleaned out my local Half-Price in search of books on cult movements! They're just psychologically fascinating to me. Politically, I am very moderate. My opinions differ from issue to issue. The social issues I will never waver on are education, the protection of children and the foster care system, and animal rights. I am also pro-life and pro-gay marriage, but I tend to shy away from intense debates about these because they are gray areas for me. 

My best friend is my dog, Stormy. He's a dashing sort of chap- we can't tell for sure, but the general consensus is that he's a German Shepard / Rhodesian Ridgeback mix. I found him about three months ago when I was driving home in a rainstorm. There are a bunch of corn fields on the way to my house, and as I passed one, a little puppy tumbled out onto the road, half-dead. He was covered with fleas and full of worms, but the vet I took him to (a very good friend of mine) waved all the fees and helped me nurse him to health. Stormy is now 35 lbs. and sometimes more than I can handle! He is such a puppy. But I saved his life and I know he would save mine- he's overprotective to the point that he barks at boyfriends. :]  

Aaaaand, that's me! Add me if you like. I adore meeting new people from all walks of life. 
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Newbie [05 Nov 2009|01:18pm]

[ mood | good ]

Hello! *waves*

I'm a newbie, I joined LJ a few days ago, mostly to make friends. I've been lazy & not actually posted in my LJ yet, but I'll get round to it! Anyway, here's some info:

Name: Maza
Age: 18
Location: London (UK)
Vegetarian for about 4 years. I became a vegetarian gradually, I only ate chicken and fish for a few years, and became fully veggie when I was about 14. I never really liked the taste of meat, and knowing what it is and where it comes from.. it just ruins it for me. I can't eat meat without visualising the dead carcass it came from. I just find it much more pleasant to eat veggie substitutes. I'm not gonna lie or front- I'm not huge on animal rights, I'm certainly not an activist, I respect others decision to eat meat. I guess what I'm trying to say is, I'm veggie more for myself than for the animals.

Music: Mostly rock/metal, but I also have a place in my heart for pop & rnb. Some bands I'm currently obsessed with include Finntroll, Ensiferum, Children of Bodom, Korpiklaani, Elvenking, Billy Talent & InMe.
Movies: I'm a horror freak! Stuff like Saw, Hostel, Halloween.. I also love a good RomCom and some action movies.
Books: I'm just gonna get this out of the way.. Twilight? YES! I'm one of those girls. Don't say I didn't warn you. Virginia Andrews is my favourite author though, I'm also a fan of Clive Barker & Stephen King.
Other random interests: Writing, graphics, art, music, dance, shopping, cooking (veggie food of course hehe), camwh0ring, foruming, tweeting & anything that allows me to sit at my computer all night.

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[22 Oct 2009|08:34pm]

I am:
-Far left, politically. I speak about immigrant rights, anti-racism activism, pro-lgbt, fair trade, anti-sweatshops, pro-choice, anti-animal testing both medically and cosmetically, anti-fur, pro-environment, anti-war, workers' rights, anti-violence. I have to mention that I am not a feminist, I am an egalitarian. I believe sexism exists on both sides of the gender lines. I also have to mention that I do post petitions sometimes, I do talk about them. I didn't vote for Obama or anybody because on Nov. 4th, 2008 - I found nobody *I* believe in. I'm more to the left than a democrat, so if you don't want to hear me talk about how I disagree with some of what Obama is doing, then you are best suited not adding me. If you can take that I do not dislike him as a person, but as a politician, then go ahead. Do as you will. 
Remember, I am not a Republican and I probably couldn't get along with the best of them. So, if you saw this post, are a Republican non-Obama person: Our reasons are so different for not liking him, I doubt we'd get along. I am not close-minded, I wish you well, but I am looking for people who I can have the most relaxing environment possible on LJ with.

I speak about:

-My disillusionment with Hollywood. I do like some of it, I can't lie, but to say that I am not increasingly disappointed with Hollywood as a whole would be wrong and against everything I stand for.
-Being biracial (Caucasian and Native American, Cherokee and Crow. No long-lost Native Cherokee princess grandmother to speak of, it is very direct, not the "one drop" rule). I do speak of this at times. I speak of the lack of representation of Native American people in Hollywood, and other people of color, and that when we -ARE- represented 9 times out of 10, it is inaccurate and/or racist.
-Soap operas. General Hospital is my get away.
-Suffering from OCD and being an Epileptic. 
-Pursuing the GED, hoping to pass the math. I failed the math the first time, passed everything else.


I dislike:

-Horror. Yet, I love the gothic/alternative scene. I love goth rock, I love industrial, I love synthpop. I love alternative fashion and photography, but I hate horror movies.
-Anything tested on animals and am hoping to find people who are extremely passionate about the topic of animal testing, both MEDICALLY AND COSMETICALLY. I find a lot of people actually believe in this practice and it disturbs me. Nothing disturbs me more than a vegan buying Proctor & Gamble owned products.
-People who wear fur.
-America's Next Top Model.
-Any type of abuse: animal, child, domestic.

-PETA. I do not like the way the charity operates. I also don't like the Humane Society for working with Michael Vick.

I love:
-Animals, obviously.
-General Hospital.
-Cute little alien cartoons.
-Cheesy reality shows - hey, it's an escape and it causes laughter.

-Cartoony movies, cute movies. As much as I dislike Hollywood, I do like movies that can take my mind off things.
-The movie, Stand and Deliver.
-Anything artistic: photography, dance, artwork, anything.

Don't add me if:
-You are racist, homophobic, the usual.
-Cruel to animals (obviously <3)
-You are violent.
-You are brash or overly arrogant: I don't need the negativity.
-You believe in animal testing. I am serious, this is my hugest, hugest thing about this whole veganism/vegetarian thing. I don't believe in being cruel to any animal, but I'd love to meet vegans and vegetarians who are actually you know, not just abstaining from meat, but all cruelty.
-You are anti-immigrant or anti-lgbt.

-You have to have the most expensive clothes on the block.
-You insult people who are overweight or don't fit your physical standards.
-Are into heavy partying. I hate drugs, alcohol, and smoking (though, as hypocritical as it may seem, I am pro-marijuana legalization for health reasons). I have friends who drink, I just am trying to aim out there for people who do not. I am NOT straightedge, I am just living the sober lifestyle and would like to find people who have that in common!

-Comment on my friends only entry or I won't be adding you.-

looking for new lj friends! [14 Oct 2009|08:49am]


My name is Angel Sea! I don't eat animals! Let's be friends!

I've been with livejournal for 7 years now, all under old names. I'm an avid commenter and poster. I like to try to keep my livejournal entertaining and interactive. My livejournal seems a bit empty now just because I switched to elkfolk on October 1st. I'd like to find interesting journals to read as well as be interesting to others. My journal is 50% public & 50% friends only. The friends only entries mostly contain personal thoughts about my personal life while public entries are mostly pictures and links to websites.

As for a description of myself, well I'm 21 years old, I live in Canada with my boyfriend in our brand new 2 bedroom apartment. I love animals and I'm on my way to a career in the animal health care field. As posted above I don't eat animals or their products. Yeah that could make me a preacher or self righteous but it doesn't. You do what you do, I do what I do. I love Star Wars. I have giant mom & dad tattoos of Darth Vader & Padme Amidala as well as a vast collection of novels & comics. I love to read and drink tea too. I have a whole cupboard dedicated to my tea collection and I own probably too many teapots. I hate heights and spiders, both give me the heebie-jeebies.

So there you have it, if you think I'm worthy of becoming a new friend, add me! Comment either in this post or on this entry and I'll be sure to add you back!
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[27 Jun 2009|12:33pm]

My name's Amanda, and i'm sixteen. I've only been a vegetarian for almost half a year.
I love talking to new people + would love new journals to read :]
I'm also really into track and music.
I'm going into my junior year of high school in the upcoming fall. I have no idea what i wanna do with my life... but then again who does?
Feel free to add me :]
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[17 Jun 2009|12:01am]

[ mood | hopeful ]

Hello my fellow veggie delish dishes!

My name is Daisy, I'm 17 years old and a vegan.  I think it would be really cool to meet as many veggies as possible through the awesome network that is the LiveJournal, as the only veg I know IRL is my boyfriend, Bud. 

I love folk music (Judy Collins is my hero!) and other hippie music, as well as poetry (Robert Frost FTW) and Harry Potter is a big time favorite of mine.  Also, math is my all-time favorite hobby.  (Especially algebra if you can believe it, LOL.)

I also love being active (rock climbing and hiking are my two favorite pastimes) and rats.  I recently adopted two rat ladies, and they are too cute for words!

If you wanna be my friend, than add away!  Or send me a message.  Or comment my blog.  Or whatever.

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ADD ME NOW! [10 Jun 2009|07:59pm]


I'm a 31 yo vegan (4 years, for ethical reasons) living in exotic Auckland, New Zealand. I grow some of my own food, and mainly eat raw (95%+) - for environmental, and "character" reasons. I'm a long-term university student, currently studying mainly philosophy, politics, and economics, but I also dabble in history, gender studies, media. I have a couple of degrees in computer science, and am a programming nerd. I like running, and cycling (cycling is my primary form of transport). I'm very drug free (I don't even drink coffee anymore!), and I've never drunk alcohol. I'm an Atheist. I think a lot about social justice, environmentalism, and animal ethic issues. I also like vintage computers (eg Commodore 64 era, not early Pentiums..)

I write rather fluffy entries (mostly public) - it may take awhile to decode exactly what I'm actually talking about though. I'm starting now to write the odd, more serious, friends-only entries. I've had my lj since about 2001.

And the most important thing: I have a lack of lj friends, so feel free to add me!
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sup veggies [07 Jun 2009|02:32pm]

hello, my name is Quinn
im a 20 year old straightedge vegan
this picture pretty much sums up my life

i started a livejournal account to keep up with the lolita fashion communities. (if you dont know what lolita is you should check out the EGL community on livejournal)
ive only been vegan for 2 years, vegetarian for 4 years before that
im not the super healthy veggie vegan some people are
i eat a lot of junk food and have been struggling with anemia for a while

i like art of all kinds, tons of books, a billion different movies, crazy recipies, traveling and lots of other stuff
im sure we'll have something in common, and even if we dont, thats interesting too :)

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hey! [09 Jan 2009|10:41am]

[ mood | curious ]

my name's Nicole, i'm 17, and i've been a vegetarian for almost 3 years.
i love meeting new people, and talking about different ways of life and music.
i'm a student getting ready to head off to college in the fall =) i hope to major in psychology.
i love getting/giving advice.
i love my boyfriend, trying new food and camping.
i'm new to LJ so add me!

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[05 Jan 2009|06:20pm]
Greetings Veggies and Vegans, my name is Claire. I was a Vegetarian from the age of eight, and have been Vegan since I was fourteen. I'm twenty now, and I'm British/Welsh. Take a look at my profile, and if you think we'd get along - new friends would be great.
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[30 Dec 2008|07:07pm]

Hi, my name is Michelle. I'm twenty years old. I'll be attending collage once again to continue my education in the field of veterinary care. I've been a vegetarian for about seven years now. Let's see, a few things about me -- I'm a huge Harry Potter fan. Adore Hello Kitty. I spend alot of time either exploring my state with my best friend or spending time playing on one of my systems. I read alot of graphic novels. And I'm a bit of a night owl. I've been on LJ for ages and ages. However, I took a break from the ol' journal and now I'm back. New friends would be quite nice. :]
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Introduction [29 Dec 2008|07:39am]

 Hello all, 

I'm Hannah, 20, living on the dazzling east side of Milwaukee with a devilishly handsome cat and an equally nice fiance. I've been vegan for about the last 5 years, and was a vegetarian for 3 years before that. 

I'm currently a senior studying biology, emphasizing entomology and evolutionary biology. It's fun.

In my free time I enjoy playing the piano (Cage, Satie, Bach), studying classical greek, reading (science fiction, poetry, vonnegut), and eating an abnormal amount of citrus fruit. I also make damn good vegan pastries. I love organic chemistry. 

My favorite shows include The X-Files and Twin Peaks. I do not own a television. 

My journal is pretty boring right now, but I'm trying to get back into updating. I think having some new friends will help revive my interest in doing so. So add me?

Here's a picture of my cat, since it's likely you'll be seeing a lot of him, should you choose to add me.

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Hello [29 Dec 2008|01:05am]


Name: Rachael
Age: Nineteen
Location: West coast, America
VegHead: I was vegetarian for 2 years, vegan 1, then had to quit for health reasons. I'm currently a vegetarian again.

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