J. H. Zombie, esq. (dr_sponge) wrote in add_me_veg,
J. H. Zombie, esq.



I'm a 31 yo vegan (4 years, for ethical reasons) living in exotic Auckland, New Zealand. I grow some of my own food, and mainly eat raw (95%+) - for environmental, and "character" reasons. I'm a long-term university student, currently studying mainly philosophy, politics, and economics, but I also dabble in history, gender studies, media. I have a couple of degrees in computer science, and am a programming nerd. I like running, and cycling (cycling is my primary form of transport). I'm very drug free (I don't even drink coffee anymore!), and I've never drunk alcohol. I'm an Atheist. I think a lot about social justice, environmentalism, and animal ethic issues. I also like vintage computers (eg Commodore 64 era, not early Pentiums..)

I write rather fluffy entries (mostly public) - it may take awhile to decode exactly what I'm actually talking about though. I'm starting now to write the odd, more serious, friends-only entries. I've had my lj since about 2001.

And the most important thing: I have a lack of lj friends, so feel free to add me!
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