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Whoa hey

Name: Bailey.
Age: Will be 18 in about two weeks.
Veg for: Six years. (Ovo-lacto. Very supportive of veganism, but it's not for me. I buy my dairy from local farms, though.) 
Location: North Texas.
Hobbies: Reading, writing, teaching, SPCA, linguistics, Japanese, cooking, baking, sewing, volunteer work, acting, stage makeup. 
Interests: Foreign film, books, theatre, art, satire, Monty Python, speech/audiology, language. 

Hi, guys! I had an LJ years ago, and yesterday I decided to make a new one on a whim. Besides day-to-day life as I prepare to ship off to college for my teaching certificate, (and lord knows what else) my journal will be all over the place. I love to cook and write, so I might post recipes, short stories, etc. I am a nondenominational Christian, and I love to study different religions from around the world. A recent fixation of mine has been cults- I've all but cleaned out my local Half-Price in search of books on cult movements! They're just psychologically fascinating to me. Politically, I am very moderate. My opinions differ from issue to issue. The social issues I will never waver on are education, the protection of children and the foster care system, and animal rights. I am also pro-life and pro-gay marriage, but I tend to shy away from intense debates about these because they are gray areas for me. 

My best friend is my dog, Stormy. He's a dashing sort of chap- we can't tell for sure, but the general consensus is that he's a German Shepard / Rhodesian Ridgeback mix. I found him about three months ago when I was driving home in a rainstorm. There are a bunch of corn fields on the way to my house, and as I passed one, a little puppy tumbled out onto the road, half-dead. He was covered with fleas and full of worms, but the vet I took him to (a very good friend of mine) waved all the fees and helped me nurse him to health. Stormy is now 35 lbs. and sometimes more than I can handle! He is such a puppy. But I saved his life and I know he would save mine- he's overprotective to the point that he barks at boyfriends. :]  

Aaaaand, that's me! Add me if you like. I adore meeting new people from all walks of life. 
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